by Carcosa

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Released through Ride& on tape.
4 different artworks, incl. download code.
Available through or at shows.


released May 15, 2017

Recorded in February 2017 with Marc Schummer.
Mixed and mastered by Marc Schummer.



all rights reserved


Carcosa Germany

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Track Name: Form
Religious Iconography
Opposing Forces
The Struggle to be whole
Apocalypse and destruction
Burning Fire
Track Name: Fear/Hate
Forests full of broken souls
Death is a way of leaving home
Give and take - Kill and create
Every piece of us is searching for its end

Pockets full of faded love
Broken hearts and wounded souls
Nothing can heal - not even time
No one cares about each others life

Climate of fear and hate
Clouds are rising in the dark sky above
Killing for peace - bring nothing but war
Reactionist forces - bring nothing but war

Fear and hate
Track Name: Tragedy
You look for peace – you look for freedom
In a world full of chaos
Better think twice - Take my advice
Watch your back and stay alive

Wounds are open - Never to close
Killing in the name of god is human's purpose
We’ve learned nothing from the past
Harassed and tortured
By our own race

See the world on fire, never felt so weird
Religious fanaticism, anarchy is schism

Daily tragedy
Will end your wrong mentality
Track Name: Void
The truth can be glimpsed through the eyes of death
Track Name: THTF
Don't believe in nothing
Always face the facts
Swim against the stream
And better don't regret

Bite the hand that feeds
Chew until it bleeds
Better bite the whole
The body that feeds

Reset yourself
The only way you can get out
Go against the grain
To know what life's about

Realize the fact
That death is not the end
Rejoice – death is not the end.